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The Heritage Garden represents Ohio's diverse native landscapes. Some parts of the garden feature uneven terrain or gravel paths which may be difficult for some visitors. Several species of plants that attract pollinators are featured in the garden, so in Please let us know if any guests face mobility or health challenges that may make touring the garden difficult.

Please note, due to security concerns, guests who do not wish to go on the tour are not permitted to remain in the house or garden when the tour moves on. However, if we know in advance that some guests may not be able to participate in all portions of the tour, we will make arrangements to accommodate them. Please let us know if any member of your group will need assistance during the tour. Also, if there are any special needs that you wish to make known to us, please do so in the blank below. Five things you need to know to make your tour successful: Guests must show photo identification to be admitted to the Residence. Purses, backpacks and other bags are not permitted on the Residence grounds. Food, beverages, and chewing gum may not be consumed during the tour. Smoking is prohibited on Residence grounds. Cameras are allowed, but artwork may not be photographed. I certify that I have read and agree to abide by these rules.